Master the Arcanas

The Tarot can be seen as complex but when you get it the root, its actually quite simple and relatable! Inside of this in-depth masterclass, you will understand the sociology and the psychology behind the tarot. You will also discover how much of an impact the 7 Principles had on the Fool within their journey!

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In this 30-minute Masterclass, I will take you through the Fool's Journey & Make the connections needed in order for you to see how simple tarot can be!

Master Tarot In Just 1 Week!

Discover how to learn tarot at its root. Tarot can come off as intimidating especially when we begin to speak on symbolism, numerology and more. This can deter most from even picking up a deck but with the "Tarot Mastery In Seven Days" e-book, I will show you how simple tarot is and how you've lived the life of "the fool" many times over!

Masterclass enrollees will enjoy a FREE copy of the "Tarot Mastery In Seven Days" E-book.