The Gifted Tarot Academy is here to satisfy your curiosity with the occult and the world of tarot. Expand your spiritual knowledge with these robust courses! These modules were specifically designed to teach you the history and the basics of tarot, open the line of communication between yourself and your spiritual team, help you develop spiritual awareness and to show you ways to monetize your gifts if you so choose.

Meet Your Instructor

Hello, My name is Kristina. I am the owner of Moonstone Energy. The teacher and Mentor of Moonstone Energy University, Patreon creator for Moonstone Energy Coven, Youtuber and a podcaster. 

When I started my spiritual journey, I slowly warmed myself up to using tarot as a means to become more self-aware and to begin my deep shadow work process. I like to think of Tarot as blunt spiritual therapy.

I come from a southern baptist background, so it was highly shunned upon. I broke away from the norms of christianity and society to forged my own path. I cultivated my gifts overtime by teaching myself tarot then later enrolling into tarot schools. One for intuition building and another from an African Diasporic approach. This assisted me in developing my own intuitive reading style, gain certifications and unlock my final lesson.

By doing so, I no longer seek outside validation. I trust myself and the spirits that walk with me! 

Let's stay in touchI You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube and Twitter @moonstone_energy. You can also stay in the loop by subscribing to the mailing list below for updates on this Academy and much more!

Get Spiritually Rich Or Stay Stagnant Trying

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Here's What My Clients Had To Say:

"You always give the best readings, plus I always receive mine so quickly"

- Charmel, Intuitive Reading Client

Wisdom To Set You Up For Success

Third Eye Activation

Tap into your God given gifts to unlock esoteric knowledge that has been waiting for you from the other side through transformative meditations and exercises.

Prepped For Success

All students will receive the necessary essentials to guarantee success, growth and elevation! Materials and shipping is all inclusive.

As Above, So Below

Learn secrets from beyond the veil! In the Academy you will learn how to connect and tap into your gifts.You will also learn occult history and more!

Hey love, thank you for this experience! You are truly talented. Everything you said was correct. I didn't have to tell you anything. I love how spiritual you are. Many blessings to you and great success!

-MzIvory, Intuitive Reading Client

Develop Professional Intuitive Skills


In order to be able to divine for yourself or potential clients, one must be aware of their own traumas and habits.Your spirits can't communicate with you if you lack awareness, honesty and have pride. Shadow work and intergration is key.

Hello From The Other Side

Learn how to build a strong bond with your ancestors and spirit guides. Your spiritual team is a liaison between you and the wisdom you seek. Learn how to hear and feel them clearly.

Your Gifts Making Room For You

Utilize what you've learned here to create a 7,8 or even 9 figure business! The spiritual industry is a great way to find your tribe. There are the people that need your gifts! Learn how to maintain your spiritual ase',uplift others, stay grounded and allow the universe to provide for you financially.

It's crazy how everything you said, happened the way that you said

-John, Intuitive Reading Client